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Nieuws /02 00:00:00/11 - Keep your website(s) updated and secure

It's no longer a secret, every domain name in the internet space is a target for attacks as well as all public available internet services.DDoS Wikipedia

Past weeks many DDoS attacks on all kind of providers have been mentioned in the press. We all know, no one will escape and will be once target of these criminal acts. Protecting the network, the basic platform, secure access to specific services are on our top priority list of actions. Every layer of the internet services has to keep an eye on it's own platform. Reason why we call on our customers to assist us and keep an eye on their own website environment in order to keep it as secure as possible.

Wikipedia explanation of DDoS

In the fight against severe attacks we are assisting our customers in avoiding being a victim of criminal acts. Please read the information below, it will certainly help you being under presure or your website been defaced or even hacked.

When you use open source or other CMS packages (such as drupal, joomla, wordpress and many others), please be aware of the fact regular updates are provided by the developer(s). If you do not follow the updates, your website is at very high risk. Keep also all login's and password's in a secret and well protected space. Change password's used for critical platforms on regular basis.

We insist you regularly update your CMS software to avoid hack's or defacements due to older versions of the CMS. All damage occuring due to old versions of CMS will be put onto the account of the customer not following these important rules.

If more information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us on support@rack66.com.